Welcome to the Light

Always say a prayer....

Many of you have e-mailed me about what one should say when encountering a dark spirit or some unwanted and pestering entity. A very powerful way is to say an introductory and releasing prayer to protect yourself from evil influences which might want to linger and hang around even after you ended the session and packed the board away.

Depending on your faith and belief preferences you can of course customize the following prayer accordingly.

Here it goes...

Introductory Prayer

"In the name of GOD, Jesus Christ, The Great Bortherhood of Light, the ArchAngels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Ariel, please proctect us from the forces of Evil during this session. Let there be nothing but Light surrounding this Board and its participants and let us only communicate with Powers and Entities of The Light. Protect us, protect this house, the people in this house and let there only be Light and nothing but Light, AMEN !"

Releasing Prayer

"Thank you for the wisdom and insight you have granted us. Thank you, Oh Lord for answering our questions through the beings and Angels of the Light. Protect this house and the people who have been here during our stay in your Realm. In the name of The Light we thank you ! AMEN !"