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Ruth was born and raised in Liverpool in the "swinging 60's." She began to study guitar, singing and dance at the tender age of 4 and then continued with her musical education, adding piano lessons from the age of 7, and guitar from the age of 12. Ruth was greatly influenced during her teens by such legends as Liza Minnelli, Shirley MacLaine and British institution, Gary Glitter. She has always been a fan of "the spectacle" and to this day, continues the tradition in her own live shows, the most recent of which were in Moscow, St Petersburg and 8 different cities in Siberia, Russia. Ruth became a household name there during appearances on Russian TV and in Armenia in 1989. It was then that Ruth bonded with the people of these countries. During that time the rouble was not an exchangeable currency and consequently she donated all the proceeds of her first 3 tours to various Soviet charities including the children of Spitak, Armenia who were so horribly devastated by the earthquake of 1988. Little did she know that she would experience a similar trauma in California only 6 years later.

The relationship with the Russian and former Soviet audiences still lives on and was witnessed nightly at the sell-out shows organised in areas such as Siberia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Lithuania. Ruth has also enjoyed a fruitful career as a songwriter since her beginnings in Sydney, Australia in 1982.

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